About me:

I have been a Swimming Teacher since I was 16 years old and have fond memories of my first job as a lifeguard in Epsom!  I joined the Metropolitan Police Service after leaving school and after 17 years I have recently left this job to spend more time with my family and follow a career in something I really believe in and am passionate about.

Throughout my career in the Police Service and as a Swimming Teacher I have regularly attended First Aid and Lifesaving courses and have often asked myself – why do courses about SUCH essential life skills have to be so BORING?!!  This has given me the drive to set up my own business, creating UNIQUE, FUN and INFORMATIVE courses where people learn practically rather than listening to someone talk at them all day.  Courses where people learn because they want to gain these essential skills, and find it interesting and useful, and because they know that these courses could make a difference!

I can honestly say I enjoy teaching all of my course.  I am passionate about what I teach and think that my experience in the Police, seeing some of these skills being used in real life has benefited my teaching.  I try and put the skills into real life scenarios which emphasises the importance and makes the practical learning fun and authentic.  The feedback I have received is overwhelming and just proves that First Aid courses are not always boring and just a necessity. It can be a fun day, meeting new people and learning new skills which could really make a difference and SAVE A LIFE!!


“Sam is a great teacher. Fun and interesting and the course was the best!! Learnt so many new skills and feel that I could deal with an Emergency situation confidently  ”

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Tadworth, Banstead, Epsom, Sutton, Croydon, Reigate, Surrey